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Embarrassment is probably the smallest issue when dealing with Skin Conditions. That’s saying something, and not in a good way. Skin conditions are stressful on the body. The constant itching and inflammation increases is the body’s response, but it is a never ending cycle. The body continues the cycle and there can seem like there is no solution.

Most skin conditions are related to the liver trying to deal with an overload of stress related hormones, toxic substances, and digestive issues such a leaky gut syndrome, constipation, or fungal overgrowth. The skin is acting as a detox system. It is necessary identify the organs and pathogens needs to be cleared so that the liver is doing its job and the skin no longer needs to be overcompensating.

Dr. Jamie will work with you and explain the integrative techniques that can assist in addressing these conditions. They usually include addressing the Skin condition on multiple levels. Including liver and blood cleansing, rebalancing of hormones, and replenishing the digestive flora and biofeedback to reduce the body’s response. Some conditions take much than others depending on toxicity levels and location.

Conditions that Integrative Medicine Can Assist With.

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