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artistic tree logoA Synergy of Healing Experience

While practicing Western medicine as a Physician Assistant for the last 20 years, Jamie Lewallen found herself increasingly frustrated with our Western medicine practices of treating the symptoms, not the cause, and she knew that there was another path to wellness.

While there is an absolute need for Western medicine at times, Jamie’s approach is more of an integrative approach towards health and wellness. These integrative approaches focus on the person as a whole, incorporating the mind, body and spirit, which allows for optimal health and wellbeing.

Healing is possible with Holistic and Integrative Wellness approaches that allow the body to self-regulate and self-heal by way of the body’s own self-healing mechanisms.

Born and raised in Evergreen, CO, Dr. Jamie finished Occidental College with a BA in Psychology and then attended graduate school at Boston College and Yale University with a focus in pre-med. She returned to Colorado and earned her Master’s of Medical Science at Red Rocks. She has practiced family medicine for 20 years in the Colorado mountain community she loves so much, Evergreen.

After receiving her PhD in Integrative Medicine from Quantum University in 2019, Jamie opened up One Tree Wellness, created out of the desire to provide individuals with that integrative approach, a major hole missing from our healthcare system.

“Helping people feel better in order to live their best life is the goal of my practice. Each person that comes to One Tree is treated with understanding and empathy. One Tree allows me to look at the whole person, not just symptoms, or systems or situations, but how everything interrelates and contributes to (or detracts from) well being.”

A Modern Approach

“It is essential that my clients get the personalized recommendations that match their needs. Rather than do things the typical way, I’ve created a system designed around clients’ needs.”   –  Dr. Jamie

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