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Anxiety disorder is a condition where patients experience intense involuntary physiological symptoms such as; feelings of disaster or death, being overwhelmed with negative emotions or thoughts. Physiological systems like shortness of breath, pain or pressure in the chest, heart palpitations, dizziness, hot flashes, chills, trembling, numbness, tingling in the extremities, sweating, nausea.

These symptoms can progress to episodes of muscle twitching or spasming, insomnia, depression, being in ‘fight of flight’ mode constantly, unexplained muscular aches and pains, nightmares, decreased libido. At this stage the patient’s thought patterns are conditioned around negative self talk in order to anticipate possible danger before it happens. Panic Attacks can start occurring if anxiety is not being managed.

Dr. Jamie works with you to determine the sources of the anxiety and triggers. She will explain what is going on with the body and develop a plan that will give you a path to a life that is not owned by anxiety and the horrible feelings and emotions that currently wreak havoc on your day.

This is usually done by working with the adrenal and thyroid systems to create balance. This allows the other systems being influenced by them to regain their normal operating level also. While this can be done with supplements prescribed by medical professionals, this doesn’t teach the systems to correct and do this by themselves. The goal is to have the body correct itself. This process includes empowering the patient with tools to cope with anxiety and to nourish the hormonal system and rebalancing.

Anxiety doesn’t have to be a lifelong condition. With the correct information and training can soon be a thing of the past leaving you with a sense of deep peace and renewed energy .

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