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Allergies can wreak havoc on everyday life. Allergies, food intolerances, sinusitis, asthma, and hives can make it unbearable to go outside. You stay in your bubble so you can control what comes in and out. This is completely understandable because otherwise, the result can be extreme.

This can be the body’s learned, inappropriate immune response to a normally not harmful thing. It can be, in fact, something much deeper. Allergies can have a significant emotional component that the emotional portion does not feel safe subconsciously which causes the body to compensate. The most typical approach to is to remove the offender. This often leaves people having more and more allergic reactions, which leaves them more restricted. Dr. Jamie’s method is not to target the allergen but to calm down the immune system. This assists with its repair so it can revert to a state of appropriate reactivity.

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