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Soul Float

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Experience this newly developed technique!


Discover the ultimate journey to inner peace and rejuvenation with Soul Float. This innovative wellness experience merges the therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy with the transformative power of a private  Transformative Breath Journey. Floating in a serene, warm, salt water pool allows you to effortlessly drift into a state of weightless relaxation. As the soothing water envelops your body, you are gently supported by floats, and guided by an advanced practitioner on a  journey incorporating healing touch, healing sound, deep relaxation and a powerful, yet gentle breath technique. This induces a deep theta brainwave state, a deeply creative and intuitive healing state which helps you release tension you may have been holding for years, tap deeply into your own highest intuition, and let go of old imprints and patterns that no longer serve you. Ideal for stress relief, mental clarity, and emotional and physical recovery, Soul Float offers a holistic escape from the demands of daily life, promoting a profound sense of well-being and tranquility. Embrace the synergy of water and breath, and let the transformative Soul Float guide you to a place of ultimate relaxation and healing.  Recommended for those who enjoy the water. 


Facilitated by Kirsten Stoutemyer, Phd and Advanced Solignment Breath Facilitator. Kirsten has Phd in psychology with an emphasis on studying personal thriving; including self-efficacy and self-esteem. She spent two and a half years training to become an advanced facilitator at the SOLignment Institute after Solignment Breath and Solignment Embodiment healing modalities brought back her health after 15 years with chronic fatigue syndrome.




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