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Bio Feedback
Bio Feedback
Floating in a salt water pool
Floating in a salt water pool


Helps identify your unique path forward.


Salt Cave

Relaxing and Rejuvenating


Warm Saltwater Pool

Revitalize, Recharge, and Reinvigorate

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It is essential that my clients get the personalized recommendations that match their needs.

Rather than do things the typical way, I’ve created a system designed around clients’ needs.

~Dr. Jamie

Services to Improve Yourself & Your Life

The foundations of this approach are rooted in the concept of treating a person as a whole: body, mind and spirit. I believe in finding the root causes that are driving the issues which are bringing you here.   This is not a one-size-fits-all, or ‘take these pills’ approach.  This is a way to truly understand what is happening and how to address it in an easy to understand way.  This philosophy emphasizes the connection between one’s environment and their mind, body and spirit

Dr. Jamie Restorative Session

Dr. Jamie listens to your goals and works with you to develop a plan to help you feel better and find a new level of health. She focuses on chronic health conditions, leveraging her 20 years of Western Medicine experience and her PhD in Integrative Medicine to solve your most perplexing issues.

Alternative Spa Day

Want to spend some quality time with the girls? Or just by yourself. This is a great way to do that!

It includes a one hour session with Dr. Jamie, hanging out in the salt cave, and swimming. The experience is customized to each group.

Salt Cave

Our custom salt cave is an amazing experience. With space for one person, it allows you to drop into your personal happy place. The space is completely grounded so you can root yourself firmly and do whatever your mind wants to. Breathe, relax, sleep! Whatever you wish.

Sound-Wave Infused Hydrotherapy

Revitalize, Recharge, and Reinvigorate yourself with Sound Infused Hydrotherapy! Unlike Sound Deprivation Chambers, this unique experience surrounds you with energy allowing alignment. Float in a 92° pool absorbing sound waves specifically tuned to 432 Hz.


The Biofeedback AntiSmoking Program relieves the stress associated with quitting smoking by using a carefully selected set of frequencies. The AntiSmoking session takes around 25-30 minutes. The Program consists of 1-3 sessions usually spaced a week apart. The results are astounding.


‌Halotherapy, or salt therapy, involves breathing in air with microscopic salt particles to improve your breathing.

It is also able also help you relax and help alleviate skin conditions and allergies.

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Chronic conditions can be frustrating.  We understand and are here to help you find a resolution.