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Most of us have had insomnia. When it becomes chronic, it can be go beyond occasionally frustrating to being miserable. It can affect your career, family, friends. It can start the slippery slope to Anxiety, Stress, and Depression. Insomnia is not a traditionally defined disease but a manifestation of a deeper underlying condition. It can be addressed much in the same way a such as depression, anxiety, and stress with some specific modifications to treat specific underlying issues in the mind and body to ensure success.

Typically, there can be some nutritional deficiencies that attribute to this condition; lack of calcium, magnesium, and B6 are examples of those. Systemic disorders in the endocrine system, high levels of cortisol & adrenalin, and some conditions in the liver, lungs, and kidneys can be contributors to insomnia. Also, there usually is subconscious factors of not feeling safe which will not let the conscious relinquish control to allow sleep. Leveraging the QUEX-ED, Dr. Jamie will identify which of the possible causes is enabling your insomnia and to assist in reducing the stress associated with Insomnia. Using integrative techniques, there can be suggested herbs and nutritional therapy as part of assisting individuals addressing this condition. Finding a solution can greatly impact your quality of life.

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