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The world can wear us down. Stress and Fatigue creeps in slowly over time. We forget that we cannot control the world, the people around us, how they behave, or the circumstances of our lives. We are in complete control of how we think and react to these situations, no matter how challenging they are. The key to stress and the consequent fatigue is that most people live in a reactive way. Realizing that we they have the power to change our lives by adapting our behavior and thought patterns which until then, have negatively impacted on the physical body. Stress drives an overload of adrenalin and cortisol, which hinders important processes like thought patterns, effective digestion & absorption, immune responses, and hormonal repair.

Chronic Fatigue is the result of ongoing Stress. The body uses all its energy to activate the body as it is in flight / fight mode. The initial step is to help you identify the physical negative effects that stress is having on your body and rebalance it. Dr. Jamie will work with you to determine the appropriate treatment options with you and discuss. Usually this includes the QUEX-ED sessions which teach the body how to respond with stressful situations. She also teaches you coping mechanisms to allow you to delay a reactive response to stress. The result is that you will adapt your reaction to stress and create a more harmonious mindset.

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