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Restorative Sessions

When receiving Biofeedback, will I be hooked up to wires?

Yes. There are electrodes that connect to the arms and legs. There is a pad between your back and chair.

When receiving Biofeedback, am I laying down during the session?

You are in an amazing zero gravity chair where you can adjust it as you like as often as you would like to.

What if I fall asleep during the Biofeedback?

It is fine to fall asleep during a session but most of the time during a session we are interacting. We spend time discussing health concerns, goals and also giving recommendations for changes in lifestyle that will improve healing outcomes.

Does the Biofeedback hurt/tingle/buzz?

Some people do feel a slight tingle underneath the electrode location.  Usually, most do not feel anything.

Will I feel immediate relief when the Biofeedback is over?

It depends on the issue of concern. Most people feel very relaxed at the end of a session. If we are working on something specific, it may take several sessions to feel significant improvement.

What if I have a pacemaker?

Quantum Biofeedback is not recommended for individuals with pacemakers.  Thankfully, there are many other therapy options to explore.  So please still reach out and let’s find out what you are looking to accomplish.

Salt Cave

Will I be in the salt cave alone?

Yes! It is amazing to have private time in the salt cave and set the intention that you want for that time. There is a very comfortable zero gravity chair in there just for you. No need to feel like you have to visit! You can spend the time in whatever way you would like. You can rest, nap, meditate, do a headstand, color, breathe (breathing is a must), read a book…whatever you want. We can put two smaller chairs in the cave if you would like to enjoy with a friend.

What do I wear?

Wear something comfortable and in layers. In the summer, it tends to be warmer. Lounging clothes are perfect.

Can I bring my phone/headphones?

There is wonderful, healing music playing in the salt cave but if you would prefer to listen to something different, you can bring headphones. Please, consider putting your phone down while in the salt cave. EMF and electronic waves can interfere with your healing. Put yourself first and take time to enjoy the salt cave…the emails and texts can wait until later!  You are welcome to take pics before or after the session.

Hydrotherapy / Pool Time

What do I ‘do’ during Hydrotherapy

We fit you with floats on your arms and legs and you lay your head back so your ears are just under the water.  You can close your eyes and relax as the underwater music fills the water with specially designed frequencies.

Do I need a swimsuit?

Yes please. While we do provide towels and robes, the swimsuit is all you.

Is the pool cold? Hot?

The water is kept between 92-94 degrees. If you have special needs for a lower temperature, this can be discussed.

Is it a deprivation tank?

No, just the opposite. This is a bright, light, musical space that helps relax the mind and body.

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