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artistic tree logoAuto-Immune

There is a theory that many auto-immune issues can be linked to a debilitated immune system that has been damaged by oxidative stress, pathogens, PH imbalances or stressors that have caused a communication breakdown in how the immune system responds to inflammation. The cell to cell communication between organs and systems within the immune system is broken down , leaving the immune system paralyzed by inactivity or over responding in a specific area or damage to cells. Cooperation within the system and the whole the body must be repaired and deal with the inflammation caused by pathogens, inflammation being the very first immune response. A next step is to heal and repair the protective inflammation. This means incorrect or no messaging between the immune cells needs to be corrected. This will lead to reducing the inflammation, pain, and discomfort. Dr. Jamie utilizes multiple techniques to identify the sources of the breakdown and discusses with the individual the options.

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